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Thrill-Seekers Can Now Swim With Piranhas at The Green Planet

A unique Snorkeling with Piranhas experience at the magical tropical biodome including Full day admission.

All guests will be provided a wet suit and briefed by an expert biologist before getting into the expansive Piranha River Tank for a special feeding session.

Get a close experience with 1000s of red bellied Piranhas as they embark on the ultimate feeding frenzy – devouring full chickens and turkeys with their razor sharp teeth in a matter of minutes as they are lowered into the water.

Don't worry, Piranhas are scavengers and the safety of our encounter participants is intact!

The experience comes complete with full day access to The Green Planet, meaning guests can unwind from their adrenaline rush alongside the bio-dome’s resident sloths, explore Creatures of the Night, or simply enjoy the wonders of the 3,000 exotic plants and animals that call spectacular bio-dome home.

Did you know?

The species is deemed as one of the more dangerous and aggressive of its kind and is famously known for its razor-sharp bite that's capable of taking mouth-sized chunks of flesh out of other organisms.

Some other fun facts about the piranha that you may not believe:

  • Piranhas bark!
  • The word piranha means “fish tooth”
  • Piranhas have lived in South America for millions of years
  • Piranha teeth are pretty intense but replaceable
  • When hunting prey, piranhas go for the tail and eyes
  • Piranhas swim in schools for safety, not strength
  • They are quite shy and retiring when not hungry
  • Piranhas seem to be attracted to noise, splashing and blood
  • The Piranha family includes both Carnivorous and Vegetarian species, some are cannibals!
  • Piranhas only attack for food and even then they are mainly scavengers that pray on injured or dead flesh

The adrenaline-filled experience is limited to four people daily, and available only to people aged six and above with proficient swimming skills. No need for scuba certification or diving abilities as the program is based on surface swimming and snorkeling only.

Experience Highlights:

  • Includes general admission
  • Includes full access to the Creatures of the Night, Flooded Rainforest, The Forest Floor, The Mid-story and The Canopy
  • Experience 1000 of red bellied Piranhas on the ultimate feeding frenzy!
  • Snorkeling with Piranhas is an 1 hour session, between 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm
  • Safety briefing and how to use gears would be provided before the experience starts
  • Includes feeding the Pacu fruits and vegetables from the surface, checking out the piranha food from outside the water, and learning about Piranhas
  • Watching the piranha feeding frenzy and then snorkeling along the surface of the tank

Terms & Conditions:

  • General Admission is included in the ticket price
  • 4 guests (1 session/ per day)
  • Guest can bring their swimsuit and sandals
  • Guest will be provided with Wetsuit, Snorkel & Masks during the session which needs to be returned after session
  • Includes private change room with lockers and shower
  • Fresh Towel would be provided to each guest after the snorkeling experience
  • Piranhas will be fed 2 meters away from snorkelers at a safe distance
  • Guests will be snorkeling at the surface of the aquarium only (Guest will not be diving down under the water or using scuba gear)
  • Minimum age requirement for the experience is 6 years
  • Guests must feel confident in the water and be capable of climbing down and up a small ladder
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