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Vision, Mission, and Core Values

Mission Statement: To provide quality educational programs that foster curiosity, incite excitement, teach conservation and sustainability, and leave a lasting impression

  • Compassionate – We have compassion for all living things
  • Expertise – We are Knowledgeable and passionate about what we do and the messages we represent
  • Respect – Treat all living things as we want to be treated
  • Committed – To educating and inspiring our guests.
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School Programmes

Explore the first bio-dome of its kind in the Middle East!

Aligned with the learning objectives of the school curriculum established by the Ministry of Education. Introduction to a variety of scientific and environmental topics related to the ecosystem of a tropical forest. Interactively taught in an immersive surrounded by over 3,000 plant and animal species. A two-hour journey, offering the possibility to explore six different zones.

Programme: Go Eco

Tropical rainforest are essential for the overall health of our planet. They play an extremely important role in nature and for human needs. From stabilizing the climate, producing oxygen, absorbing carbon dioxide, home to over half the world's plant and animal's species, to the food we consume, the paper products we use in our lives and the medicinal treasures. These "Jewels of the Earth" offer us more than we know.

Programme: The Rainforest Relationships

Life in the rainforest is competitive and survival tough. Rainforest plants and animals have developed complex relationships with other species in order to survive this diverse environment. The Rainforest Relationships program gives students the opportunity to explore these complex relationships and learn about how working together is key to survival, while also getting to know the indigenous plants and animals

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Junior Pass

Junior Ranger Program

Book with your admission ticket , include it as add-ons

Explore the rainforest biodome overcoming 10 unique challenges. Find clues to the trials on the educational signs around the biome or ask our experienced educators for guidance! Finish all 10 trials and you'll receive The Green Planet Ambassador Pin! Also included is a bio-degradable bag and pen with attached seeds as a reminder to give back to the environment!".