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Kendrik - The Lemur

Ring-tailed lemurs' are native to dry forests on the island of Madagascar. Ring-tails are the most terrestrial of all the lemurs. They spend more time on the ground (as opposed to in the trees) than any other lemur species — up to 50% of their day! Their diet consists of fruit, leaves, flowers, bark, sap and the occasional invertebrate.

Did you know?

Lemurs can live in large groups (up to 30). Females are dominant over all males with the alpha female forming the focal point for the group as a whole. Females live in one group their entire lives, while males migrate from group to group. When ring-tailed troops travel throughout their home range, they keep their tails raised in the air like flags to keep group members together.

Ring-tails bask in the sun in groups (sun worshipping), absorbing the warmth of the sun through their less dense belly fur. They tend to look like they are in yoga positions (check them out for our Yoga in the Rainforest with Core Direction).

Male ring-tails are equipped with scent glands on their wrists which are used in stink fighting with rival males. You can see Kendrick stink fight with the binturong and other animals around the biome as a form of play.

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