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Lemon - The Sloth

The type of sloths we have are two-toed sloths, they have two toes in the front and three toes in the back. Two-toed sloths are of Least Concern in the wild. There are five sloths that each have their own personalities. Lemon is the sweetest, most gentle sloth that lives at The Green Planet. Her favorite food is egg, which we feed her while doing training sessions. Lemon can usually be found sleeping somewhere in the canopy/L4 within the biome.

Did you know?

Sloths are known for their sleepy behavior. They can sleep for 15-20 hours each day, with them being most active at night. Because of their slow movements and sleeping most of the day, sloths are notoriously difficult to find.

Internally, sloths are slow as well, it can take up to a month to fully digest their food. Due to sloth digestion, sloths will only use the bathroom about once per week. Instead of using the bathroom from the canopy (could lead predators to them because of the smell), sloths will climb down the tree to the forest to do their bathroom "sloth dance". Usually this is when a sloth is most vulnerable to predation. A sloth's biggest predators are jaguars and harpy eagles. In the wild, sloths mostly feed on leaves as they are readily available, but they will also feed on flowers and fruits when they are in season. Here at the Green Planet, the sloths can feed on any leaves or flowers within the biome, otherwise they get their fruits and veggies from the biologist team or guests for our sloth interaction.

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