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Adopt an Animal

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Adopt an Animal at The Green Planet Dubai

Did you know?

The Green Planet is now offering you a unique chance to adopt the loving occupants of the biodome for a full year! Through this initiative, you can adopt Lemon the sloth, Kendrick the lemur, Amal the slow loris, Goldie the Blue and Gold macaw, and Coco the Toco Toucan for a duration of one year. The adopted animals will be under the expert care of the trained individuals at The Green Planet with your adoption contributing to our research and educational initiatives. These initiatives will directly support conservation breeding programs, habitat conservation, and behavioral research studies. The adoption and sponsorship of a Green Planet resident could serve as the perfect unique gift for friends, family and loved ones that contributes to a great cause.

The Behind-the-Scenes tour included in the Gold Adoption Package is offered at 12:00 and 14:00 daily.

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