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Thunderstorm at The Green Planet

Feel the thunder & experience the magic of the tropics at the Green Planet.

Normally getting caught in the rain is rare in Dubai, however guests can close their eyes and transport themselves to the depths of the tropics and experience a daily thunderstorm.

Visitors can catch the tropical thunderstorm which is included in the general admission pass. Two times each day, at 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm, the storm will last for roughly around 5 minutes – plenty of time to get caught dancing in the rain!

Hear the rumbles, notice the electric flashes and feel the blowing wind, which gives guests an immersive, real life experience of what a tropical thunderstorm feels like.

A specialized design rain system, combined with high tech audio and visual effects, guests will experience an authentic tropical thunderstorm right in the heart of City Walk - Don't fret, there are places that guests can watch the thunderstorm without getting wet themselves!

Thunderstorms are essential to rainforest habitats and wildlife, something that The Green Planet credits itself to teach residents and visitors of Dubai. They strive to promote the importance of present and future human actions, to continue caring for the planet. Another important element of the daily thunderstorms was to make sure the animals who call the bio-dome home can enjoy it as well!

Learn from The Green Planet biologists who are on hand to walk visitors through what is happening during the daily thunderstorm bursts and how the animals react to it. The Green Planet animal family love to play and explore frequently throughout the rainforest and have been enjoying the new daily thunderstorms, along with the puddles that come afterwards!

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