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The Dark Side of the Rainforest

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The Green Planet Dubai announces one-of-a-kind Halloween Rainforest experience

The Dark Side of the Rainforest

The Green Planet Dubai has comeback with its spooky Rainforest experience – bigger, better, and well scary than ever! Guests will be able to enjoy a new and improved Creatures of the Night experience, revamped for Halloween, featuring the latest additions to the family including Kinkajou, porcupines, owls, and armadillos. 

The tropical rainforest home to over 3,000 plants and animals across four indoor rainforest levels, will host a thrilling makeover for Halloween. Walking through the enclosed biodome, haunted by fascinating creatures from the forests, visitors are sure to have a memorable Halloween experience, ideal for friends and family. Complete with extinct animal tombstones, terrifying skeletons, Megabats, spider webs, loads of quivers and chills, the experience will also allow guests to witness the wondrous ways of the nocturnal world and learn more about the way animals find their way in the dark. Kids will have a chance to enjoy a great night of fun and education all at once!

Guests will also be able to meet existing stars from the Green Planet’s Creatures of the Night showcase, including the Slow Loris nocturnal primates family: Lonely, Hope and their baby. The Slow Loris is just one amongst the many nocturnal species, guests will also be able to admire others such as the Lace Monitor, Burmese Pythons pair, the Tokay gecko, Marine toads, Parma Wallabies, The Laughing Kookaburra and Carpet pythons who have had over 72 babies!

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